The Bob and Bill Show Podcast

BaBS - #89

September 19, 2021 Season 1 Episode 89
The Bob and Bill Show Podcast
BaBS - #89
Show Notes

Episode #89 (9/19/21)

Bill.....goes to a college football game and talks about a crooked door! us his best Norm Macdonald impression, his finger is on the mend, and he's proud of his undefeated Las Vegas Raiders.
We'll tell you about a cool website to look at, those with kids that ride the bus to school, checkout this app! Talk about a show that Bill is watching, hear from Kyle Farnsworth, reveal the answer to last episode's "backwards word/phrase", reveal a NEW backwards word or phrase, tell you some good National Days coming up, a classless, tasteless joke, celebrity birthdays, some WEIRD news, crazy political/entertainment and sports headlines from THE ONION, hear a word from BOSTON RED SOX, and we have a word from the always nasty Larry the Rabid Ranter and finish it all off with...

TOP TEN+ REJECTED COUNTRY MUSIC SONG TITLES (if Bill can even get past #10)

Redneck dictionary word of the day follows and stay tuned after the show for funny outtakes!

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