The Bob and Bill Show Podcast

BaBS - #93

April 23, 2022 Season 1 Episode 93
The Bob and Bill Show Podcast
BaBS - #93
Show Notes

Episode #93 (4/23/22)

We got a new AUDIO MIXER!! Bill's been working on new logos for his Paranormal Investigative Team (C.P.R.) business cards and stickers. Bill's coworker is going to the Villisca House tonight and he didn't have any equipment! Can't go to a haunted house without equipment! Maybe next podcast, we'll have some audio from some SPIRITS! Bill's also been planning a SURPRISE party for his wife's BIG birthday next weekend.
Bob talks about his NBA team being in the playoffs, cause none of his other teams are close!
We also talk about the new season of USFL and the crazy technology in that and in baseball.
We'll hear from Mike Tyson, reveal the answer to last episode's "backwards word/phrase", reveal a NEW backwards word or phrase, tell you some good National Days coming up, a classless, tasteless joke, celebrity birthdays, some WEIRD news, crazy political/entertainment and sports headlines from THE ONION, hear a word from Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, and we have a word from the always nasty Larry the Rabid Ranter and finish it all off with...


Stay tuned after the show for funny outtakes!

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