The Bob and Bill Show Podcast

BaBS - #91

February 12, 2022 Season 1 Episode 91
The Bob and Bill Show Podcast
BaBS - #91
Show Notes

Episode #91 (2/12/22)

Bob and Bill discuss Chelada Clamato and what THAT is.
Bill has been uploading old episodes, again, adding show notes along the way so be sure and check that out! Bill hops into the bitch forum about the USPS method of madness?! He then continues about the Facebook Marketplace problems.
Bob talks about baseball players being locked out from playing, the winter dance party, and getting your haircut every two weeks?! Huh?
Bill is going to talk about a TWO cool PS4/PS5 games he's playing and how to save money on the upgrades.  Bob also needs help catching the pizza delivery guy on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, please help him!
We'll also talk a little about Wordle and the different versions that we're playing.
Bill talks about a DUMB butt (sic) show on Peacock that he watched (MacGruber). Bob is watching PlutoTV.
We'll hear from Joe Rogan, reveal the answer to last episode's "backwards word/phrase", reveal a NEW backwards word or phrase, tell you some good National Days coming up, a classless, tasteless joke, celebrity birthdays, some WEIRD news, crazy political/entertainment and sports headlines from THE ONION, hear a word from Russia's Women Skating Team , and we have a word from the always nasty Larry the Rabid Ranter (if Bob remembers) and finish it all off with...


Redneck dictionary word of the day (if Bill remembers) follows and stay tuned after the show for funny outtakes!

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