The Bob and Bill Show Podcast

BaBS - #76

August 26, 2018 Bob and Bill Season 1 Episode 76
The Bob and Bill Show Podcast
BaBS - #76
Show Notes

Episode #76 (8/26/18)
 511 days since Episode #75?! Whoah, that's too long in between episodes!
 Bob talks about WGT Golf on his phone compared to real life golf. Does he suck at both? Bob gets a haircut…again and again is bothered by people noticing? Why are people posting farting online?
 Bill talks dentist frustration but cools down and talks a vacation to Minnesota where he is a car length away from the new Vikings QB, Kirk Cousins.   We talk gambling, man cave, NASCAR, and more!
   We tell you about a cool website to go to and a good mobile app to try!
 We hear from Maddie Poppe, tell you what are some good National Days coming up, celebrity birthdays, some WEIRD news, crazy news and sports headlines from THE ONION, hear from Mark David Chapman, the always nasty Larry the Rabid Ranter and finish it all off with...


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